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Building Rhetoric Skills

Posted by admin on Sep 22, 2015 2:16:09 PM

Senior Rhetoric is about building skills with words. In a recent assignment, Mr. Butcher asked the seniors to write a description of a person, place, thing, or event that would be clear, concise, and plausible and vivid to the reader. Some students chose to describe a person, others a thing, but Master Brett Pardue decided to describe a classroom and its teacher. Here is what he wrote...
writing image"As you enter, the smell of old textbooks and outmoded carpet smack you upon the cheek whilst grabbing and thrusting you deeper into the beast. A chair, glowing red from the pain of the countless souls before yours, sends forth its tentacles, grabs you, draws you in close, and grips you tight.
Then, amidst all the pain and suffering, a heavenly voice thunders across the multitude of desks. A savior! He comes! Trotting along, sporting a jacket, as dark as the night sky, pants that call to mind a dark forest, a shirt that is as white as fresh snow, and a tie shaped in the form of a bow. It recalls memories of Christmases past, a gift, which will be bestowed upon you over the course of an hour. He opens his mouth with the all too familiar words. . ."Good morning, ladies and gentlemen! Let's begin.'"

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