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Lost Arts Club Pumpkin Pie Competition

Posted by admin on Dec 13, 2016 12:28:40 PM

On Friday, November 18th, our Lost Arts Club gathered after school in the kitchen to whip up some fall treats. They decided to test three different pumpkin pie recipes: one with only store-bought ingredients (frozen crust and canned pumpkin), one completely home-made (fresh crust and pumpkin), and a caramel pumpkin pie just for fun. To top it off, they also learned how to make home-made whipped cream. The next Monday, they met at lunch to test their baking creations. The results were: compared to the all home-made pumpkin pie, the “store-bought” pie had a superior consistency and flavor; the caramel pie was also good, but could even be improved by adding caramel on the top of the pie in addition to the filling itself.
Fun was had by all the members, and they look forward to decorating the school Christmas tree this coming month.
-McKinley Traylor la-pie-luncheon

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