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Ode to Cheese

Posted by admin on Oct 22, 2015 10:36:05 AM

This poem, written by eleventh grade student Tim Parsley, put a smile on everyone's face who heard it yesterday in class.

O how I could tell the whole world of cheeseOde to Cheese

Monterrey Jack, Swiss, and Asiago

For these I would travel the seven seas:

Colby, American, Pepper, Queso

It lays upon oven roasted chicken

It lays upon tacos, burgers, and fries

It drips on my fingers, I start lickin’

It drips upon my shirt, my heart it ties

I will love a girl who brings me fromage

Together, cheese-praises we’ll always sing

If you bring cheese, then I’ll bring a corsage

Oh! You and cheese please be my ev’rything!

There lays in dark lovers upon a bed

Gluttonous and putrid: two lovers dead.

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