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Posted by trinitas on Oct 16, 2015 1:08:53 PM

Posted by Joshua Butchergarden-of-eden-painting

It’s so easy to focus on the commandments that say don’t. But if you look at the passage [Genesis 2:16-17] carefully, every tree that bore fruit in the Garden of Eden was a yes, except for one. And there were many, many, many trees, I suppose, in the Garden of Eden. Our God is a God that loves to say, “Yes” to the good things that we desire. And when He says, “no”, it’s because our desires aren’t good. That’s why we need His Word and that’s why we need to turn to His Word to find the yeses that we should love, and the noes we should avoid. There are so many more yeses than noes. Let’s look for the yeses in God’s Word and enjoy them.


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