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Miss Broderick's First Month

Posted by trinitas on Oct 21, 2015 2:39:41 PM

trinitasfall2015_113I am one month into my first year of teaching, so I am frequently asked, “Are you surviving?” or “Are you okay?” As a first year teacher, new to Florida, and new to being an adult on my own, I thought these questions would extract from me long answers with many sighs and promises to improve. However, after spending my first month at Trinitas my response to the thoughtful questions is quite different. Instead of feeling helpless under the weight of managing a classroom alone, I have had council and encouragement from a load of teachers who love the school and love the profession as much as I do. I may be alone standing in front of my class, but I am backed by faithful help from God’s people who love children and love the learning process just like I do, but have walked this road longer than I. I have so enjoyed teaching this first month at Trinitas. I truly have any first year teacher’s dream. My adorable small class has been a joy, and I am thrilled to continue on this exciting journey towards knowledge! ~Miss Broderick

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