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Posted by trinitas on Aug 21, 2017 10:44:23 AM

This time of year is bittersweet. Saying goodbye to the lazy days of summer and hello to a new school year is at the same time sad and exciting. Both sadness and excitement are magnified, though, for the newest Trinitas alumni who will be entering college this fall. Leaving the comfort of Trinitas, a place that has been home to some of them for fourteen years, will be an adventure, and those who are going to school out of town will be sleeping away from home for a string of nights heretofore unprecedented in their young lives.

Some of the Trinitas class of 2017 have already headed off to school and others will be following in the coming days. Jacob has left for the University of South Alabama, and Leah has departed for Union University. Phillip has already arrived at the University of Alabama, and Sarah has landed at the University of Florida. Tim will make his way to Liberty University late this week, which is also when Bennett, Hayden, and Parker will trek up to Samford University. For those staying at our excellent local schools—Hanna and Levy at The University of West Florida, and Caleb at Pensacola State College—classes begin before the end of this month. We will certainly miss seeing their faces in Trinitas classes this fall, but we wish them all well. We always hope the students who stay local will visit Trinitas as often as they like; it is a special treat to see them at Trinitas events and ballgames. Hopefully, like so many of our alumni over the years, even those who go away for college will drop in at the school when they are back in town.

Of the eleven students in the class of 2017, four are going to Christian universities and seven to state schools. The number is a little more skewed toward Christian universities for this class than it has been for past classes. None of these students had any trouble getting into the schools they wanted to go to, though, and some of them are going on the top scholarships offered by those schools. Trinitas graduates have been blessed in this respect: rarely has a qualified student had the least bit of trouble getting into the school of his or her choice. I hope that is comforting to parents who may be asking themselves how these classical students fare when it comes to getting into good colleges. In fact, here are a few schools of interest that we have sent graduates to over the years: Mississippi State University, Florida State University, University of Florida, University of Alabama, University of Mississippi, University of Idaho, Auburn University, Furman University, New Saint Andrews College, St. John’s College, Washington and Lee University, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Covenant College, Samford University, Emory University, Wheaton College, and The King’s College. With almost 100 alumni now who nearly all went to college, there are many other schools that could be named here, of course, but parents who might be concerned about college opportunities (since Trinitas is not a college prep school, per se) should check out these colleges and universities to see what kind of admission standards they have. Most of these named are considered “selective” or even “highly selective,” yet our students have gotten in with no problems, and most of them even attend on some kind of scholarship.

Getting in to a college is one thing; doing well there is another. We recently conducted a survey of Trinitas alumni. Of the respondents who have already started college, more than 90% of them said they were well prepared for college. We would like to see that number at 100% of course, and by listening to the few who thought they weren’t quite prepared enough, hopefully we’ll be at 100% soon. Still, more than 90% of Trinitas alumni say they were well prepared for college. This number supports our students’ PSAT, SAT, and ACT scores when compared to college readiness bench marks. The bottom line is that we are sending our alumni to excellent Christian and state universities, most of them are going on some kind of scholarship, and they are finding themselves well prepared when they get there. To God be the glory.

And one last thing: did I mention that our alumni are always welcome on the Trinitas campus? Please visit. We miss you!

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