Admissions FAQs

Admission FAQs

What are the School Hours

Monday – Thursday 7:50am – 3:00pm
Friday – 7:50am – 1:30pm

How many students are in each class?

Trinitas has one class per grade level and an average of fifteen students in any class.

Is trinitas Accredited?

Yes, since 2009 Trinitas Christian School has been accredited by the Association of Classical Christian Schools, a nationwide organization with hundreds of member schools. Trintas is one of about 50 schools in the United States to hold this prestigious accreditation.

does a student have to be christian to attend trinitas?

Trinitas operates on the covenant model of Christian school admission, meaning that at least one parent of each family must be an active, professing Christian, involved in a local church. Partnership with parents is central to the Trinitas mission and vision. When the church, home, and school are aligned in what they teach, students receive a clear and consistent message about what it means to be committed to the truth of Scripture.

Do you require students to wear uniforms?

Trinitas students wear uniforms purchased from the Land’s End school uniform catalog.  Monday – Thursday are casual uniform days and Fridays are dress uniform days.

how involved can parents be in the classroom?

​At Trinitas we strive for a familial atmosphere, so we love for parents to get involved. Parents are welcome to visit and sit in on classes most any time. And of course, our feast days, field trips, and special activities are successful because of our active parent volunteers.

Do all trinitas students learn latin?

No classical education is complete without the study of Latin, so yes, all students in second through ninth grades study Latin. One goal of Latin at Trinitas is for students to read classical texts in their original language, but there are other very practical reasons for learning Latin as well. For example, Latin requires students to organize and manipulate in their minds numerous combinations of word endings and special constructs; therefore, through the study of Latin students’ minds are trained toward higher order thinking skills. In fact, studies show that learning Latin not only strengthens students’ ability to process and manipulate written and spoken language, but it also improves their ability to process and manipulate logic and math.

I am currently enrolling my (3rd-8th grade) child who has never studied latin. What should i do?

Currently, Trinitas offers all Latin classes based on ability so students can attend the class that matches their level of training. There may also be opportunities for students to work ahead to catch up to their grade level using private tutors during summer months.

does trinitas emphasize stem education?

The math offerings at Trinitas include pre-calculus/trigonometry and calculus taught at the honors level. In science, students study physical science, biology, chemistry, and physics. Some of our students also dual enroll in local colleges over the summer for math options such as College Algebra. For years our students have outscored public schools, independent schools, private Christian schools, and even other ACCS accredited schools in math on their ACT and SAT scores. Trinitas does not, however, emphasize STEM. Science and math receive the same emphasis as literature, history, philosophy, and language. Several Trinitas alumni have become successful engineers even though the school does not offer any technology or engineering programs. That is the power of classical education.

if my kid graduates from trinitas, will he or she be able to get into college?

Trinitas is not a college prep-school, so getting into a good college is not the ultimate goal of a Trinitas education. 99% of our more than 100 Trinitas graduates, however, have gone on to attend schools like Auburn University, Covenant College, Emory University, Florida State University, Furman University, Hillsdale College, Lipscomb University, McGill University, Mississippi State University, New Saint Andrews College, Pensacola Christian College, Rice University, Samford University, St. John’s College, The King’s College, Union University, University of Alabama, University of Central Florida, University of Dallas, University of Florida, University of Mississippi, University of Mobile, University of Southern Mississippi, University of West Florida, Washington and Lee University, Wheaton College, and others.

how much is tuition?

Trinitas is competitively priced with other private schools in the surrounding Pensacola area.  Tuition for the upcoming school year can be found on our website here. We desire for a classical, Christ-centered education be available for Christian families who share our mission and vision and so the school provides some tuition assistance for families who demonstrate financial need. If Trinitas is the right place for your child, but your family needs financial assistance, we will do our best to make a Trinitas education financially feasible.

How involved are parents at Trinitas?

​It is our belief that parents are responsible for educating their children (Deuteronomy 4:9 and 6:6-9). For this reason Trinitas Christian School provides a service to Christian parents for the education of their children. Parents are encouraged to participate at all organizational levels: volunteering in and out of the classroom, serving on/with the faculty or staff, and working on/with the governing board. We welcome parental visitations to the classroom and joining children for lunch when schedules permit. Parental involvement and support in the classroom, on field trips, at special services/programs and annual events are also expected.

Do you have childcare available for working parents?

Parents may drop off children as early as 7:30am at no charge.  Supervised after school care is available from 3:15 until 5:30pm each day at an additional cost.

How many students are enrolled at trinitas?

The average enrollment at Trinitas for the past ten years has been 157 students.

is trinitas associated with a particular church or denomination?

No, Trinitas is a non-denominational school with students from nearly twenty different churches around the Pensacola area.

Do you have to be a church member to enroll at trinitas?

Regular fellowship with the body of Christ is mandated in Scripture (Hebrews 10:25). We ask all applying families to submit a pastoral reference that shows they are committed and active members of a local church body.

Do you have a school cafeteria?

We do not have a cafeteria at Trinitas. Students bring their lunches to school. We do provide microwaves for students to reheat food, and we offer students the opportunity to purchase lunches on varying days of the month from local restaurants.

What is classical education?

Visit our “What is Classical Education?” page under the Academics section to learn more about Classical Education at Trinitas School.

what other foreign languages does trinitas offer?

Trinitas students advance to Greek in the 10th-12th grades.

does trinitas offer Ap or ib classes?

While we occasionally make AP tests available in some courses for interested students, Trinitas does not offer AP or IB classes.

are there extra curricular opportunities?

Trinitas currently offers private music and art lessons to students in first grade and up. Drama is available in the fall for students in fourth through sixth grades and in the spring for students in seventh grade and up. Yearbook is available to students in the tenth through twelfth grades. Our athletic program consists of boys’ varsity soccer, baseball, and cross-country beginning in the seventh grade; and girls’ volleyball and cross-country beginning in the seventh grade. Each year Trinitas hosts a winter ball for the tenth through twelfth grades that is a culmination of their training in etiquette and dance. Finally, each house conducts service projects in the community and enters various academic and athletic competitions with other houses.

who is eligible to enroll at trinitas christian school?

Trinitas Christian School is a discipleship-based, or covenant model school and requires that at least one parent be a professing Christian who also agrees with the school's Statement of Faith. Trinitas currently accepts applications for students in grades K4-12. The school requires prospective students to complete an application and interview process similar to that used by other private schools and colleges. See the Admissions page for more information on the application process and for a printable application form.

how do i get more information about trinitas and admissions?

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