School of Rhetoric

Students at this stage of their development long to express themselves. After gaining knowledge and understanding and spending years imitating the works of masters, students are expressing their own opinions and judgments. In the Rhetoric School at Trinitas the focus is on expression, including oral and written, rational and poetic, technical and theatrical. In every area of study, students make oral and written arguments, they give speeches, and they publicly respond to challenging questions.


In Magna Traditio, the integrated humanities course, students study the history of Western Civilization by reading the great works of literature, political and moral philosophy, and Christian theology. They study chemistry, physics, and calculus. They begin learning ancient Greek and read Greek texts from the New Testament by senior year. In rhetoric class, they practice the skills of persuasion and even write and defend a senior thesis. As with the grammar and logic stages, Christian faithfulness and virtue are the first and last goal for rhetoric-level students at Trinitas. Rhetoric School students are expected to lead the school by serving and by walking in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.