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​At Trinitas Christian School our goal is to provide an excellent education founded upon a biblical worldview. All subjects are taught as part of an integrated whole, with the Scriptures at the center, serving as the hub of all knowledge. As a result, students learn to interrelate and examine knowledge, allowing them to view their studies as a unified effort. The focus of this effort is to see God’s sovereignty over all and to glorify Him.

Fine Arts

Fine Arts

at Trinitas

Trinitas offers an arts program that includes visual art, music, and drama instruction. Expression through the arts at Trinitas focuses on mirroring the creativity of God to become a sub-creator.

Clubs & societies

Trinitas Christian School encourages students to be involved in clubs and extracurricular activities in order to further engage in intellectual, spiritual, and physical development
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A few words from our students

“As I leave Trinitas for college, one thing from my experience for which I am grateful is my love for learning. Rather than having facts crammed in me, Trinitas has given me a love of learning and taught me to think about everything I learn in a distinctly Christian way.”
- Cole Chandler (Class of 2019)


“Throughout my time at Trinitas, my teachers have always told me to “love learning” or “be a life-long learner". As a grammar school student and even a logic school student, this advice never really meant a whole lot to me. Once I began rhetoric school, however, its meaning began to change. I realized the true importance of being a life-long learner for that is what God has called us to do, and He gives us endless opportunities to execute that call”
​– Jillian Todd (Class of 2019)


“Looking back on fourteen years at Trinitas, I am most thankful for morning meeting. It encouraged fellowship with students in other grades and was an encouraging way to begin each day. Reading Scripture, singing hymns, and praying as a school body is both beautiful and unifying. Having the honor of sitting with the K5 class this year and seeing the little girls singing hymns and eagerly listening to Scripture was the highlight of many of my days. I was blessed to share in the joy of the Lord with them each morning.”
- Alex Johnson (Class of 2019)


"I’ve been blessed by the closely knit family-like community which I believe is unparalleled by other schools. Trinitas is an education that challenges students to strive for excellence (and nothing less!) in order to achieve success."
– Kevin Dulion (Class of 2019)


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