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The Arts at Trinitas

Trinitas offers an arts program that includes visual art, music, and drama instruction. Expression through the arts at Trinitas focuses on mirroring the creativity of God to become a sub-creator. Our students train their eyes and ears to discern truth, beauty, and goodness wherever it may be found; we work to cultivate a love for these things within them, creating opportunities to experience what might otherwise be ignored in the course of education.

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Instruction in visual art is a core part of the Trinitas education through the 10th grade. Beginning in Grammar School, students train in the requisite skills for art and practice those skills by copying master works. When students reach the Logic and Rhetoric Schools, the emphasis is on photography, printmaking, and painting. Master work copy continues as students practice the concepts of proportion, shading, depth, color, contour, balance and positive and negative space.

Art at Trinitas is often also integrated with subjects such as history or science in the Grammar School. In the Logic and Rhetoric Schools, Art often overlaps with history, literature, and theology. In these classes students begin to learn the various periods of art history as well as artists and the major works associated with them. Trinitas juniors and seniors have travelled to museums such as the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City to see works they have studied and now will travel to Athens, Greece and Pompeii, Rome, and Florence in Italy.



Our mouths are filled with songs of praise at Trinitas, so we teach our students to sing well! Every student takes music class through the 10th grade.  The instruction focuses on music appreciation, history, and theory with the goal of teaching students to sight read by the end of sixth grade. 

We also have three choirs in which all students from fourth through twelfth grades participate. These choirs meet weekly and perform at several events throughout the year. 

In addition, nearly one half of all Trinitas students take private lessons each week in violin, piano, woodwinds, and voice. These students may choose to compete at several contests during the school year as well as school recitals.



Drama is an extracurricular activity at Trinitas. The school produces two plays each year, one for the upper  Grammar School and one for the Logic and Rhetoric Schools. Students audition for the productions and then most of the rehearsal and preparation takes place after school. Our students have put on productions as diverse as Peter Pan, Harvey, Little Women,  Midsummer Night’s Dream, and The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. 

While the production of the play is considered an extracurricular activity, drama itself is another rhetoric tool that is taught in the classroom from the earliest days of Scripture and poetry recitations in the Grammar School to debate and public speaking in the Rhetoric School. The fall and spring plays are merely another artistic outlet for the tools students acquire over their career at Trinitas.

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