Admissions Process

4 Simple Steps


4 Simple Steps

The selection of the student body at Trinitas is second only to staff selection in impacting the school's mission and culture. The school seeks to foster a family-like atmosphere that is due in great measure to the similarity of biblical convictions and principles taught and lived out in many of the homes of our students. Those convictions and principles produce a common vision. As the Lord blesses us with growth and change, we do all we can to build and maintain an atmosphere that fosters that vision.

Admissions Process Step 1

Step 1: Visit

We love to share our story and our community with visitors. One of the best ways to understand Classical and Christ-centered is to see it in action in the classrooms. When you visit, we want you to see us in our normal routine, but we will probably invite you to some of our special events outside of class, too. We will do our best to accommodate your scheduling needs when you are ready to visit the school. You are welcome here.

Step 2: Apply

The online Trinitas application is available here. Priority for acceptance is given to current students and their siblings through February 1st of each year but applications are accepted at any time for waiting lists for open spaces. The application fee is $175.  

Step 3: Shadow and Test

Prospective students spend the day in their current grade level getting to know Trinitas students, the teachers, and the method. During the day, visitors complete a readiness test, from which we provide feedback to parents about grade level placement in the Trinitas curriculum continuum.  

Admissions Process Step 2
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Step 4: Family Conference

Choosing a school is one of the two or three most important decisions a family makes. You need a school that fits the vision you have for your child, one that can help him or her become the person God has created him or her to be. The family conference is an important part of helping you determine if Trinitas is that school for your family. Come with your questions as the admissions process culminates in this conversation between family and school.

We fill the limited, available seats in our classes as prospective families complete the admissions process. Families can expect a written admissions decision within two weeks of the family conference. We look forward to welcoming you to the Trinitas family! 

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