School of Grammar

The Grammar School at Trinitas nurtures a love of learning that helps students establish a strong foundation of knowledge upon which to build the rest of their lives. At Trinitas, the wonder inspired in the Kindergarten years blossoms into exploration in the Grammar School as students experience education through hands-on and sensory activities that turn lessons into adventures. Math facts, grammar rules, dates, times, and places are all learned through songs and chants and rhymes, going with the natural grain of the child at this age and turning what could be drudgery into learning that brings pleasure. History is brought to life by teachers equipped with primary sources instead of textbooks.


Students cultivate a love for classical literature and poetry by reading great works that have stood the test of time, and they practice the scientific method while discovering, observing, and documenting God’s creation in science. Students pursue both music and art throughout their Grammar School years, and not just in music and art class, but also in private music and art lessons, shows, choirs, and competitions. Most importantly, grammar school teachers invite their students into the wisdom and knowledge of God, teaching them to subject every thought and deed to the lordship of Jesus Christ as they begin to build the habits that become Christian virtue and lead to a life well-lived.