Welcome from our Headmaster

Thank you for investing time in getting to know us. It is likely you are here because you are making one of the most important decisions of your life: how and where to educate your children. Perhaps you have already evaluated some schools but find yourself still searching for solid academics and high standards within a loving and safe Christian environment. Could it be you are looking for a school where parents are welcome? Are you looking for teachers who will go beyond teaching subjects and pour themselves into your children? Do you seek a Christian community that will affirm and grow your children’s faith? Do you want a school where children challenge friends at chess before class and win athletic championships together after class? Perhaps you want your children to have opportunities in art, music, poetry, and drama. If you are searching for a school that fills those needs—a school that educates children not only for graduation but for all of life—Trinitas is that kind of school!

For more than two decades Trinitas has been partnering with Pensacola area parents to provide something very unique in the area: a Christ-centered classical education in a stimulating academic environment. The academics at Trinitas are on par with high-pressure prep schools, but without that kind of pressure. Our model isn’t based on students competing against each other in the classroom, but on students glorifying God with their very best, day-in and day-out. Trinitas teachers encourage students to take satisfaction in doing their best with whatever abilities and resources God has given them.

Our administration and faculty pick up the discipleship role where pastors and parents leave off. Because Trinitas is a discipleship school instead of an evangelistic school, you can be reassured that your children are in class with children from other Christian families. We aim to see our students walking in the footsteps of Christ as they learn to live their faith. Trinitas is not a church-run school, but is an ecumenically diverse environment with students from dozens of denominations working out their faith together. We emphasize the foundational elements of the faith that unite orthodox Christians.

If you thought you would have to sacrifice academics to get a real Christian education, I am happy to inform you that Trinitas delivers both. I invite you to look around our website; read what parents and alumni say about their Trinitas experience. But don’t stop there. Schedule a personalized tour of the school. Sit in a few of our classes. Do your research. Compare us to other local schools. This decision is one of the two or three most important decisions you will ever make, so leave no stone unturned. If I can serve you as you make your decision, please call or email today.

Again, welcome. Not only are we glad you are here, but we hope to meet you in person soon!

Blessings in Christ,
James Cowart

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