Theresa Howell
​Front Office – Theresa Howell


Joined Trinitas staff in 1999

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Mrs. Howell has worked at Trinitas since the school’s first year. She works tirelessly to help the administration and students in countless ways but concentrates on bookkeeping.  She and her husband Curtis were original Trinitas parents with two children, one of whom was an early Trinitas graduate. Now the Howells also have nine grandchildren.  


Librarian - Cathy Noland


Helped found Trinitas in 1999.

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 Mrs. Noland’s three children graduated from Trinitas. Their eldest, Rob, attended New Saint Andrews College after graduation and is now an attorney. Hannah is married and lives in Pensacola with three adorable children. Ben is in graduate school completing his doctorate in economics.

Cathy has been the librarian since 2000 when she went from room to room with a cart of books. She served in that role until 2016 when her first granddaughter was born and has been involved in the Trinitas library in various capacities ever since. 


Catherine Zepp
Teachers' Aide - Catherine Zepp


Joined the Trinitas staff in 2021

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Catherine graduated from Trinitas in 2021. She is attending the University of West Florida and pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Nursing.  The Zepp family is one of the original founding Trinitas families, and Catherine attended Trinitas since Junior Kindergarten.

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