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How to Keep the Dog from Eating Your Homework, Conclusion

Posted by Ron Gilley on Jan 4, 2021 8:00:00 AM

(This post is the conclusion of our recent five-part series on homework. Check below for links to each of the proceeding parts.)

Yes, in the end homework is a necessity. It is part of the student’s life if he is to receive a quality education. Teachers, students, and parents can work together, though, to make homework more than something we just bear. Homework is a vehicle to learn time management, self-discipline, and work ethic. But it is also an opportunity for family time and passing down the skills of life from adults to children. I encourage you to do more than merely survive it; rather, embrace it. Homework is as much a part of life as baseball and beach vacations. To think less of it is to amputate from your family some very important time and lessons together. Embrace it and do it well. Both you and your children will be the better for it.

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