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There is a Method to Our Madness

Posted by Ron Gilley on Oct 22, 2018 9:00:25 AM

Every once in a while at Trinitas a student will ask, “Why do we do that anyway?” and it reminds me that we don’t always do a thorough job of communicating to students why we do the things we do. If the student also says something like, “My friend who goes to [fill in the blank] school doesn’t do that,” then it becomes clear that we are not talking enough to our students about the methods to our madness. There is more going on at Trinitas than reading, writing, and arithmetic.

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And Beautiful Music for All

Posted by Ron Gilley on Jan 9, 2017 10:42:56 AM

When teachers and administrators from other schools visit Trinitas, one of the things they love is that all of our students sing. Music is not an elective at Trinitas; singing is not optional. We sing to start the day, we sing in music class, we sing in other classes, we sing in choir, and we sing to end the day. It is not a spontaneous thing—though song does occasionally erupt unannounced—it is intentional. We work at it. Even those of us who do not naturally sing well work at it (even harder in fact).

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Singing the Psalms

Posted by Joshua Butcher on Dec 4, 2015 1:24:07 PM

My father-in-law once told me that the saints of God will be the only ones singing in heaven. "What about the angels?" I asked. Without losing stride, he replied that nowhere does the Bible say that angels sing. They declare, they praise, they worship; he said, but they don't sing.

Now I've not checked all the references to determine whether or not my father-in-law's claim is true, but even so there is something important about his observation: the human voice is a unique instrument among God's creatures, and it is most uniquely played in the singing of songs.

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