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Classical Christian Alumni are Better Prepared for College and Life – Part I

Classical Christian Alumni Continue in the Faith

Is There a Better Path?

Give Students a Community in Which They Can Thrive

How Do We Accomplish the Goals of Classical Christian Education?

Why the Goals of Classical Christian Education are Good for the World

What is the Goal of Classical Christian Education?

How to Keep the Dog from Eating Your Homework, Conclusion

How to Keep the Dog from Eating Your Homework, Part 5

How to Keep the Dog from Eating Your Homework, Part 4

How to Keep the Dog from Eating Your Homework, Part 3

How to Keep the Dog from Eating Your Homework, Part 2

How to Keep the Dog from Eating Your Homework, Part 1

Happy Thanksgiving, Neighbors!

Loving Neighbor is Loving God

For Just Such a Time as This

Following the Saints

A Root of Selflessness

Where We Went Wrong

Where Art Thou, O Courage?

Who’s Your Role Model?

The Value of Struggle

Vipers in Diapers

How to Rule a Kingdom

Education Fit for a King

Hope Causes Change

There is Still Hope

The Gift of Hate: Teaching Children to Hate the Dark and Love the Light

The Gift of Sin: Digging into Your Child’s Sin

The Gift of Dirt: Let Them Get Dirty!

The Gift of Failure: Embracing Struggle and Failure for Your Children

The Gift of a World Larger Than They Are: Finding Their Place in the World

Five Perfect Gifts for Children

Buy the Truth

A Call to Faith in Troubled Times

Building Eulogy Virtues

The Voices in Your Head, Part 2

The Voices in Your Head, Part 1

A Blessing for Trinitas Graduates

The Old Stories

Sweet & Sour Quarantine

In Pursuit of Vita Bona

The Downside of Internet Based Instruction, Part II

The Downside of Internet-Based Instruction

Teach at Home Tips from a Teacher, Part 2

Teach at Home Tips from a Teacher, Part 1

How Classical are You?

Will Your Child Continue in the Faith as an Adult?...

The Good Soil

Season of Wonder

Late to the Table

A Case for Cloistering

Classical Christian Students Have a Ball!

What Do You Want from Education?

The Parents’ Place in Education

Why Christian Education?

Protect Your Children from Predators

It’s Okay to Put Cheese on the Broccoli

The Dangers of Distracted Driving…or Studying

Thankful to the Core

Thou Shalt Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself

The Classical Parent - Part III

The Classical Parent - Part II

The Classical Parent - Part I

The Unfulfilled Promise of Technology in Education

In Favor of Independence

Trinitas 2019 Commencement Address

Remember, The Hand of the Lord is Mighty

Classical Cultivates Virtue Through Perspective

Classical Education Creates Renaissance Men and Women

Persecution via Legislation

Why Rush Education?

Should Christian Schools Accept Government Funding?

Classical Creates Culture

Hands-on Education: A Feast for the Eyes, Hands, Mind, Feet . . .

What About Dating In High School?

Lessons from a Dirt Pile

Don’t Waste Your Commute

A Few Ideas for Teaching Stewardship to Children

Six Steps to Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten

How to Know If Your Child is Ready for Kindergarten

Why High School Seniors Should Write and Defend a Thesis

How to Know Which Christian School is Right for Your Family: Evangelistic vs Covenantal

Why Recitation Should be Part of Every Child’s Education

Because You Want More for Your Children

Three Arguments for Removing Children from Secular Schools

Three Resolutions for Parenting Christian Children

Three Reasons You Should Observe Advent with Your Children

A Few Things I Am Not Saying About Smartphones

Time is Money: Why Your Kid Can’t Put His Phone Down

Lonely in a Crowd: Smartphones, the Internet, and Isolation

More Fun with Phones

The World at Their Fingertips

Building Community

There is a Method to Our Madness

Forging a New Path

To Game or Not to Game?

Respect Everyone

A Remedy for Shadows, Eroding Foundations, and General Madness

Small School History Lesson

Don’t Just Hand Them Over!

The Classical Christian Difference

Don’t Send Your Lambs to Slaughter

A Guiding Principle in Choosing an Education for Children of Christian Families

The Small Things Matter

Trinitas Elevator Speech

Getting Your Hands Dirty in the Garden

Pull Them Close This Summer

The End of a Thing is Better Than Its Beginning

How to Avoid a Culture of Disrespect (and other shameful maladies)

Some Other Reasons Handwriting Matters

The National Report Card

Ordering the Lives of Our Children

To Train Up a Child

The Resurrection and Everyday Life

Of Pigs and Pupils: Fast Food, Modern Education, and the Growth of Classical (Christian) Schools

On Boys, Danger, and Dragons

Thinking Ahead

True Image

That Whole Parenting Thing

Academic Humility

Four Reasons Families Leave Trinitas (Part #4)

Four Reasons Families Leave Trinitas (Part #3)

Four Reasons Families Leave Trinitas (Part #2)

Four Reasons Families Leave Trinitas (Part #1)

Making the Grade

If You Love Me…

Seek First the Kingdom of God

You’re Studying What?

Where Have All the Graduates Gone?

Alumni and the Church

Math and the Classical Student, Part II

Math and the Classical Student, Part I

Tribute to Parents

Knights Don’t Surrender

Saved for Life

Beneath the Surface

Changing the Conversation

Classically Educated Parents

Trinitas On YouTube

Starting Off on the Right Foot

A Seat at the Table

Reminders for Trinitas Fans

Commoners in the King’s Court

Is This Going to be on the Test?

Forgiveness in Community

The End of Education

Watch Your Language

More Father Famine

Father Famine

On Sowing and Reaping

Teach Them Diligently for Life

The Education Triumvirate

In Defense of Defense

For the Love of Community

Paideia of God at Home

A Thing of Beauty

Milk to Meat

Introducing Chrysostom: An Oratory Competition

Silver Tongues of the West

Hey, What Kind of Place Is This, Anyway?

Keeping Short Accounts

In Pursuit of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty on the Stage

In Pursuit of Diligence

In Pursuit of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty

And Beautiful Music for All

New Year’s Resolution

Coming Messiah

Lessons from Old Books

What Makes a Good Education?

On the Nature of Servant Hours

A Little Sanity, Please!

Why Study Greek - Part II

Why Study Greek - Part I

What Were You Looking For?

Teaching Thankfulness

Leaving Children to Themselves

Redeeming Time: The Past

Redeeming Time: The Present

Redeeming Time: The Future

Life's Chief Labor - Final Post

How Trinitas Reinvigorated My Idealist Nature

Long Live Chrysostom

Thankful for the Helmet

Life’s Chief Labor Part III

Life's Chief Labor, Part II

Studying the Greek Gods

Responsibilities in Christian Education

The Right Questions for The Force Awakens

Life's Chief Labor

Singing the Psalms

Tips for Growing Readers

Polluting the Shadows, Part 3

Polluting the Shadows, Part 2

Polluting the Shadows, Part 1

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