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Raising Mature Kids

Posted by Trinitas on Feb 3, 2024 11:54:54 AM

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On Thursday, March 7, Trinitas will be hosting Keith McCurdy as part of the Spring Vision Series. This free event is open to the public but tickets are required and available here. In preparation for the event, we are sharing four interviews with Keith on various topics recorded and made available by BaseCamp Live. These are great resources for all parents as they navigate the challenges of raising children in the modern world. 

"Raising Mature Kids"

with Keith McCurdy

Unravel the profound secrets of nurturing a mature and responsible young generation in our enlightening conversation with Christian counselor, Keith McCurdy. This podcast is set to equip you with valuable insights and solutions to tackle the challenges parents and teachers face daily, especially during stressful times. Together, we delve into how we can provide ample resources, training, and coaching to aid parents in raising their children in a healthier and more balanced way.

We initiate a tough yet crucial discourse about the tension between school and church, and the predicament families face as they navigate uncharted territories in their search for guidance. The discussion further ventures into the unhealthy goals imposed on parents and the rising levels of anxiety and depression in children, despite access to numerous resources, services, and opportunities. We redefine parenting goals, emphasizing the importance of community involvement and setting norms and standards for our children.

The podcast culminates with a profound exploration of the concept of maturity and its correlation with struggle. We discuss the significance of understanding right from wrong and the fragility and value of emotions in fostering maturity. Delving into practical ways of nurturing these components in children and teaching them to lead a righteous life even when it is challenging, we stress the importance of a slow approach, self-discovery, and the use of empathy and authority in guiding them. Brace yourselves for an essential conversation on raising the next generation.

(The interview and description are taken from BaseCamp Live's website. This resource is a must-have for thoughtful parents who are intentional about Christian parenting.)

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