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The Unfulfilled Promise of Technology in Education

Posted by Ron Gilley on Oct 21, 2019 12:00:00 PM


Parents who send their children to classical schools often have to defend that decision to their siblings, their friends, and even their own parents. The conversations can be tense, and especially so if everyone involved received a free public education. It isn’t as though your friends and relations know a lot about education; it is more likely their opinions have been informed by public debate, federal initiatives, and the latest trends. If the parents defending classical are sacrificing financially to afford the education, they often find themselves doubly on the defense. Points of debate include uniforms, classroom rigor, Latin, and always, always classical education’s lack of emphasis on STEM.

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Introducing the New Trinitas Website and Blog

Posted by trinitas on Oct 8, 2019 3:43:01 PM

With increasing frequency technology makes such forward leaps that it can no longer be ignored. When was the last time you saw a horse drawn carriage plodding into town for the weekly shopping trip, for example? Automobiles are all the rage now! That example will be too dated for most readers, so how about this one: did you know that rural families in certain areas are now considered oppressed because of the lack of internet availability in their area? Before dismissing that as silly, consider all the services you access through the internet. Imagine a life without internet access in today’s wired (or is it wireless?) world. Most of us could hardly function if we were permanently offline because so much business is conducted online, not just generally through the internet, but more specifically on smartphones through the internet.

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