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Lessons from a Rain Storm

Posted by Trinitas on Mar 10, 2024 6:50:15 PM

The most recent Trinitas Father & Son Camping Trip was one for the books. This annual event was attended by over one hundred young men and their fathers and one serious rain storm. Even while the weather forecast worsened in the days leading up to the storm, Trinitas parents were reminded by visiting speaker Keith McCurdy that difficulties and challenges are essential to the growth and development of sturdy young men.

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Lessons from a Dirt Pile

Posted by Ron Gilley on Mar 18, 2019 12:33:50 PM

We’ve just packed away the tents and doused the fire on the annual Trinitas Father & Son Camping Trip. From beginning to end it was an opportunity for men to spend time with their sons and other men in a setting that disarms. The wilderness is no respecter of persons—a night sleeping on the ground feels the same for carpenters and bankers alike. Thus we were freed from the stations we occupy Monday through Friday and got to know one another better because of it.

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Knights Don’t Surrender

Posted by Ron Gilley on Oct 23, 2017 8:28:46 AM

Untitled design (5)A Trinitas board member sent me an interesting article recently, entitled “When Knights Surrender Their Swords, Beasts Will Devour Maidens.” The author, Paul Bois, has written hundreds of articles expositing the Christian perspective on a host of political and social issues. I haven’t read them all, but this one had a solid message.

The subject of the article was this Weinstein fellow who is in so much hot water recently for taking advantage of young women in the movie business. I have little to add to that conversation, but I do want to comment on Bois’s theme. Reduced to its essence, his assertion is that this sort of thing is happening in our society because we allow it.

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