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Don’t Just Hand Them Over!

Posted by Ron Gilley on Aug 20, 2018 10:20:10 AM

Young people legs standing in circleI am usually guilty of not keeping up with the news like I should. Sometimes, though, the news is just too depressing to keep up with. I caught the tail end of a news story this week, for example, from a governor’s race where one candidate suggested that what our nation needs right now is an expanding of its moral compass. I think Christians will disagree with the candidate. Has God asked us to “expand” our moral compass or to obey His word? Well, of course, we are to obey His word, but that candidate I just mentioned could end up being the governor of a state and therefore responsible for its schools. I’m hoping Christians won’t just hand their children over to a school system that has as its goal expanding students’ moral compass.

 Speaking of just handing your children over, though, sometimes schools don’t even give you a choice in that matter. I heard on the radio this week that one school board has passed an ordinance prohibiting parents from walking their children to class. Safety concerns were cited as the main reason for the new rule. The school district in the neighboring county has had the same rule in place for two years. No one in his right mind would argue against keeping students safe at school, and I do not doubt the desire of those school districts to keep students safe, not even for a minute. I am absolutely certain that they would not knowingly put students in danger ever—I am certain of it.

What exactly is safe, though, especially from a child’s point of view? I’ve never met a child from a loving, non-abusive family who would choose anything over Mom and Dad when it comes to protection. Children never feel safer than when they are with their parents. So it seems counterintuitive for a school to prohibit its parents from walking their children to class as a safety measure. Perhaps the size of the school has something to do with it in this case. I suppose you can’t know every parent in a school of 500 or 1,000 students, and that makes everyone a suspect—even the parents.

I do not think that banning parents from a school makes students safer in every situation. If the size of the school is such that we can’t know all the parents, maybe the school is just too big. Whether it is the size of the schools or just a way of thinking that pervades institutional education these days, banning parents from the educational process has become all too common, and it is a bad idea for Christian parents to go along with. Remember, God has charged us with training up our children in the way they should go. If we are locked out of the education process, how can we fulfill that responsibility God has given us? Ask yourself what is happening at your child’s school? Do they know you? Are you welcome there, or do they want you to just hand your children over and get out?

At Trinitas Christian School, we are working harder than ever to keep our students safe, and we believe parents are an integral part of that safety and of the whole educational process. We have the advantage of being small enough to know every parent’s face and name. We want parents involved in the school. We wouldn’t have it any other way because we don’t think God would have it any other way (Deuteronomy 6:4-9). Do you want to walk your child to class? Do you want to spend the day in your child’s class or even visit other classes? Do you want to celebrate your child’s birthday at school or eat lunch with her every day? Do you want to participate in field trips and class projects? If so, I invite you to check out Trinitas Christian School where we are teaching God’s moral compass, and where parents are always welcome.

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